Quinta ingeniería Up/Down

Método Quinta

"Technical units can work separately for specific orders which do not necessarily involve the rest of units."

1>Consulting unit.
2>Design Unit.
3>Machining Unit.
4>Control Engineering Unit.
5>Quality Control Unit.
6>Post-sales Service Unit.
Customer Need

Consulting unit.

At this stage we assess our client’s real needs immediately. Our engineers analyse each case by assessing the most suitable methods for their implementation.

Design unit.

Through CAD/CAM software a 3D simulation is obtained which is 100% accurate to the order to be made. Hence we can guarantee the fulfilment of the client’s technical specifications.

Machining Unit.

At this stage we reproduce the pieces generated by the design unit under constant supervision.

Control Engineering Unit.

Our engineers guarantee the perfect operation of our machines by using state-of-the-art technical features.

Quality Control Unit.

Once a project is finished, Quinta checks it carefully testing it fulfills the client’s specifications.

Post-sales Service Unit.

Once a machine is installed, our engineers give the client advice on the use and maintenance works necessary for the machine to be operative and in perfect condition for a long time.

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